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We will run classes on 3 month intervals that focus on technical development for the player. For 3 months, the classes focus on becoming comfortable on the ball and trying new things. Development comes quickly in these classes and you'll see a difference on the outdoor pitch. The next 3 months will be focused more on finishing and passing and the technique involved with these aspects of the game. We believe that one of the biggest weaknesses in American soccer is our passing. We will work on control and range of passing so players can master one of the most important pieces of the game.

Players will be by themselves or with a very small group and will be blitzed for one hour with technical training. This is an exhausting session, but the results are fantastic. These sessions are designed to take the player out of their zone and force them to try new things, fail, and try again. This is the "light bulb came on" training. They will get it, and when they do, it's awesome.

OEFC West is offering supplemental training to all of their players using futsal as the tool for development. The cost is $20 per month and OEFC West is covering $5 of the cost for each player. Players will get two futsal sessions per month. Our course of action with the OEFC West sessions will be to challenge the players’ ability to solve problems within the game. By doing this, they will naturally develop technically as well, but it will happen in practical situations. #growingthegame

Scientific research on the development of talent indicates that, in order to become better at something, an individual must reach “deep practice,” or an echelon of training intensity that puts the trainee in a slightly uncomfortable state where they are only successful 50-80% of the time. Our sessions are crafted with deep practice in mind. “Hotbeds” for talent in various sports and other specialized areas have been studied in this manner and the same has proven true – deep practice is critical to development. These pockets of talent, where exceptionally high percentages of extremely talented performers come from, include Meadowmount School of Music in New York, Spartak Tennis Academy in Moscow, and most closely-related to us, Brazilian soccer. Messi, Neymar, Pelé, Xavi, and Cristiano Ronaldo all started their illustrious careers on futsal courts.

These futsal sessions will give the students at least a 600% increase in touches as compared to an outdoor match. Our small group sessions, which are founded on the idea of maximizing touches and technical growth, often offer 1000% more touches than a traditional outdoor soccer sessions. The weighted ball, mixed with tight spaces, out-of-bounds, and speed of play, will punish poor technique much more often than any other form of soccer can. The kids will fail over and over again in training, but will succeed as they need to – 20-50% of the time. Futsal is deep practice brought to life. SportsHouse Development will deliver this.


Much of the information and statistics here can be found in The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle.

Coyle, D. (2010). The Talent Code: Greatness Isn't Born. It's Grown. London: Arrow.




Director of Player Development & Training

Phone: 4058819089

All of our coaches and trainers have undergone leadership training and are given annual background checks to ensure the safety of your children.

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